Walk and support the neighborhood commerces

Itineraries I design are always built on your envies and my knowledge of destinations that share a common trait: they are all privately, and often individually or family owned and managed. This applies from the tiny neighborhood sushi shop to the craft beer bar and the café at break time. If you have read Jane Jacobs and what makes a neighborhood authentic, you know that this stems from an appropriate mix of new and old, where individually owned and managed commerces play an essential role to feel a part of it.

The virus situation as of this writing allows for stints of visits in Tokyo and nearby destinations. There are greater than ever opportunities to experience and support what makes charming neighborhood later turn in fond memories by eating, walking and shopping there rather than roam the brands and chains. Private only days may start as early as 6:30 am for a unique taste of Tokyo waking up. No rush hours trains, not long walks but a mix of short stretches and hops in taxis when needed. Look at Nextaroma top page for the highlight of this month of March and other schemes focused on Tokyo.

On the picture: early afternoon saké break - for the braves - in a downtown saké shop.